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Cooking classes
Where do I buy "ras el hanout" (mixed of 27 spices flavor), how do I cook a memorable tajine or maked candied lemons ? We will initiate you to the secrets of the moroccan cook.

For the Menu : selection of fresh products in the souk, three hours cooking your meal, and tating your cooked meals.

Cooking course focused on a theme, for example "knowledge and use of spices in the Moroccan cook ".

Candied tomatos "halaoua".

Drop 2 kilos of ripe tomatoes into boiling water to remove the skin. Seeded them and cut them into pieces before placing them in a casserole with 3 soup spoons of oil.
Mix on the fire and let cook until tomatoes are transformed into puree, then add 1/2 soup spoon of powder of cinnamon, 5 pieces of sugar, 4 soup spoons of honey, 1 pinch of pepper and a teaspoon of salt. Leave caramelized and then Sprinkle sesame seeds to serve warm or cold.