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The Moroccan Cook

FES, the cradle of the Moroccan cuisine. If each city of Morocco can rightly be proud of its gastronomy, Fes is considered the most famous culinary art. Andalousian came and lived in the Medina after the reconquest of Spain in the 15th century, the Andalusian have brought with them their recipes. That is why you can now enjoy tasty dishes inherited from the Arab-Andalusian tradition, dominated by Sweet and Salt alliance.

Pastilla pigeon, luscious meat mixture and coated in a thin and added crunch pulp cinnamon-flavoured and dusted with ice sugar, Almonds is one of the meal more known. But you will discover more like, Orange Carrot's salad, candied tomatoes "haloua" etc.. In Riyadh Alya you have the opportunity to discover the flavours of typically fassie refined cuisine, carefully concocted by or Cook from FEZ. A passion secrets are transmitted from mother to daughter.

Different tajines are prepared on site by our stove with fresh local products. Moroccan cuisine will make you discover subtle aromas, exhaussant the taste of meat, fruit and vegetables from the market.

You will have the choice to enjoy your meals in the patio of the fountain in the Moroccan lounge or on the terrace overlooking the FEZ Medina. Here are a few meals served at Riyadh Alya:

- Tajine quinces and cinnamon
- Peas artichokes hearts tajine
- Tagine cardons, candied lemon and olive
- Tajine courgettes and gombos
- Couscous with seven vegetables

Breakfast :

Included in rates room, our breakfast are completly homemade and generous. We propose a large choice of breads, homemade jam, eggs, yogourht, fruit juice, dattes, and morroccan pastry.

Lunch and diner Menus :

Our gastronomic menu is make up by starters (Harira, a traditionnal morroccan soup, or vegetables soup...), then we propose a large assortment of morroccan starters (pastilla, morroccan salads...etc), for the meal, we have tajines, couscous.., a homemade dessert with thea or coffee. For drink, we propose a bottle of water.